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Portals and internet solutions

Portals for the AlterEGO Association (2009-)
Portal for the Egészségporta Assocations (2006-)
Portal for the Cluster of Applied Earth Sciences (2011-)
Portal for the Hungarian Geologic Society (2008-)
Public Geophysic Data Repository (2008-) 
Knowledge base Information System (2007-) 
smartPORTAL™ BAF project portal (2002-) RHK Kht-Mecsekérc Rt. 
smartPORTAL™  Püspökszilágy project portal (2002-) RHK Kht-Mecsekérc Rt. 
smartPORTAL™  LM-SIS Safety case assessment support system (2002-) RHK Kht-Mecsekérc Rt. 
smartPORTAL™  Bátaapáti project portal (2004-) RHK Kht-Mecsekérc Rt. 
smartPORTAL™  framework (2001-) portal engine (2003-) 
smartPORTAL™ SAMOS Sales Monitoring System (2002-) 
smartPORTAL™ Axelero SALEX (SAMOS) sales monitoring and analysing system (2002-2009) 
KvVM/KAC INAKIR internet-based data collection framework (2002) 
Köfi/Köm Tender Management System (2001) 
DigitalRegia Cultural Portal pilot (2001.) 

Document management, imaging

smartPORTALdocument management framework (2003) 
BM AH Passport request archivation system, Budapest (1997-2000) 

Human resources management and payroll account systems (Posit System): 

Waterworks of Budapest, Budapest (1990-2003) 
Rocla-Hungária, Budapest (1994-1999) 
Via-Ductus Kft., Budapest (1995-1996) 
Graboplast Rt., Győr (1990-1997, 1998-) 
Sopron Textil Factory., Sopron (1996-1997, 1998-) 
Uniontext Kft, Győr (1994-1997, 1998-) 
Waterworks of Southern-Zala region, Nagykanizsa (1989-1997) 
Büki Thermal, Bük (1989-1991) 
Waterworks of Békés County, Békéscsaba (1989-1991) 
Waterworks of Sopron and region, Sopron (1988-1996) 
Kunság Volán, Kecskemét (1986-1988, Posit) 

Software development

OTP Private pension fund (1998) 
ABC Professzor e-learning software (1996-1997) 
AB-Aegon Private pension fund (1998) 
Videoton/HM: database management system, Budapest-Prága (1983-1990, Posit) 
Professzor E-learning Suite (2012-)

Maintenance and support

KINGA Portal (2008-) 
Hungarical Geologic Society (2008-) 
Zöld Szív ITM portal (2007-) 
Intercomp Trading House (2007-) 
RHK Knowledge Base (2007-2012) 
smartPORTAL Knowledge Base (2007-) 
Geomatemathic Knowledge Base (2007-) 
Görgey Artúr Society (2006-) 
Respect Consultant portal (2006-2009) 
Egészségporta Association (2006-) 
Naspolya Hotel (2005-) 
Intercomp Irodaház (2005-) 
smartPORTAL project portals (2002-2012) RHK Kht-Mecsekérc Rt. 
Axelero Rt., Budapest (2002-2007) 
Waterwork of Budapest, Budapest (1990-2003) 
Rocla-Hungária, Budapest (1994-1998) 
Graboplast Rt., Győr (1990-1998)
AlterEGO Association (2009-)

Data processing

Egészségporta Association - healthcare campaigns (2006-)