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The INTERCOMP Trading and System House developing and implementing in-house developed and open-source solutions for its clients since 1989.

Our policy to focus on platform-independent, user-friendly, modular web-based solutions to ship powerful and highly available and reliable solutions to provide standard services as well as client-specific functions.

In strategic cooperation with our partners we provide full-scale, high-level solutions from complex infrastructural services to specific IT consulting sessions.

Enterprise solutions

Our main profile to design, develop and implement enterprise level IT solutions. In the past 20 years our products are running in heavy-loaded multiuser environment, on several independent platforms. We have developed and deployed professional, cost-efficient, reliable and easy-to-use IT systems.

To embrace the power of the modern web-based technolgies we have developed and in-house portal-based IT environment named smartPORTAL. Using this product we can ship cost-effective solutions to our partners on a short time span.

We are continuously discovering new technologies and developing our products to keep our skills up-to-date and provide the best quality for our valued clients.

Software implementations

Beside developing and implementing solutions fulfilling the requirements of our clients we are focusing to integrate our product into the existing IT infrastructure of the customers.

Our software implementation competencies:

  • Technology framework: most elements of the smartPORTAL framework ca be used to develop and deploy back-office solutions or rapid application development. Using the framework can shorten the software development process and can provide a consistent platform for the future development phases.
  • In-house solutions (out-of-the-box softwares): customizing smartPORTAL-based applications using our know-how gathered during the successful project of the past two decades.
  • Implementing third party solutions: customizing well-known open-source softwares.

Support services

Our philosophy to provide full-scale service from the start of the project to the end of the solutions life-cycle, so we offer a wide range of support services after the successfull software implementation.

These services are provided by customized methods and contracts tailored to the customers needs.

Typical services:

  • Continuous support: during regular work hours (or even 7x24) we are providing continuous support for the dedicated power-users. We are responing the issues promptly, in serious cases after a full-scale problem evaluation.
  • System support and maintenance: we are supporting the productive system by evaluating the new requirements or change requests. We provide maintenance and security patches.
  • Consultation: we provide consultation services for the technical staff or the users in every aspect of the IT system, including optimizing the IT environment, handling updates and upgrades, proper handling of arising new challenges or requests and selecting the proper solutions for them, reacting the changes of internal or external governance issues, responding to security threats.
  • Data collection and processing: we are supporting continuous or one-time data acquisition and/or processing campaigns, including the harvesting and pre-processing the data using traditional or on-line procedures, partially automated evaluation of collected data. We are experienced at hangling big data issues, from the entry-level processing to building databases and knowledge base solutions.
  • Custom services: in special cases we are ready to provide assistance in bulding, extending or renewing base IT infrastructure as shipping and installing hardware, operating systems, local networks and/or special devices and technologies.