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An up-to-date, easy-to-use, well organized web portal system is a basic requirement for every enterprise nowadays. The smartPORTAL™ is an intra/internet based solution providing the benefits of the internet to any company regardless of its size at a cost effective way. The  smartPORTAL™ offers a customized solution from small businesses to enterprise-level companies, NGOs, local government bodies and everyone wishing to be present on the internet using a modern, reliable and cost effective portal system. The  smartPORTAL™ can be integrated into existing IT infrastructure using quick and seamless integration process, keeping the existing data and visual elements. The further improvement does not require professional assistance, the power-users can maintain the content of the portal.

The  smartPORTAL™ can be used as a profession solution to support every process of the enterprise:

Information helpdesk

The helpdesk/dashboard provides an easy-to-use method to access all the information stored on the portal, providing thematic and flexible views for all kind of data accessible for the current visitor.

Content management and publication

The smartPORTAL™ provides a wide range of methods for publishing content from the simple articles and documents to calendar-based events, press releases. The CMS module can be used to publish either public information to the visitors from the internet or business documents for authenticated intranet users. Using the document library one can build complex document stores from public product catalog to internal business document store.

Data collecting

The  smartPORTAL™ supports the occasional or campaign-driven data collection with web forms or special entry solutions including support for digitalizing off-line questionnaires. The data collecting methods can be customized, the collected data can be pre-processed using semi-automatic methods and integrated into databases or knowledge bases for further processing and evaluation.

Contact management

The smartPORTAL™ stores and provides information about the company personnel to the customers who are able to send feedback using the guestbook and the forums, can subscribe to newletters.

Customer relationship management

Using the customer relationship capabilities of the  smartPORTAL™ the customer service department can speed up processing the user request and complaints, either by passive methods (providing relevant information about the issues) or active web forms (data collection, orders etc.).

Customized and unified look and feel

The  smartPORTAL™ can be customized to fulfill the requirements defined in the enterprise image guidelines and can integrate data from other systems into its Management Information Panel providing a unified look and feel for the board members and other personnel requiring a complete overview of business data.

Search support

The  smartPORTAL™ supports the searching and retrieving of the stored information by providing a central query dashboard and parametrized and full-text search methods.

Backup and archives

The built-in backup and archiving subsystem takes care of safe long-term storage of outdated and/or invalidated data.

Information security

The  smartPORTAL™ was developed using the "security by design" principles so it offers a secure solution using a strict authentication system based on up-to-date technologies (secure communication, role-based or biometric authentication, hardware tokent, digital signature).

Affordable price for a quick solution

The  smartPORTAL™ provides a cost effective solution on affordable price and an accelerated implementation roadmap.


The  smartPORTAL™ can be used on any intranet/internet environment capable of running the the most popular database systems and JAVA/Javascript/PHP. For a reliable system using a Unix/Linux based server recommended.

Hardware requirements

The  smartPORTAL™ does not require special and/or expensive hardware, the solution in scalable for the expected service level.

Software requirements

The  smartPORTAL™ contains all the necessary software elements (web server, database, portal programs) and does not require purchase of additional softwares. If necessary, the portal can be deployed on existing IT infrastructure (if compatible).